Workplace pension payments

Pay journey - mockup

Workplace Hub is a pension management digital platform. It helps employers to manage a workplace pension scheme for their staff. Customers were migrating to the new platform which gave them better experience and control. I was working within an agile product team with focus on designing a new payment journey, where employers could make their monthly pension payments for their employees.

The challenge

Design a new pay journey to enhance the customer experience and reduce the amount of failure demand experienced within the customer operations team.

The goal for the UX team was to gather user needs and pain points and find solutions to improve the overall customer experience.

My Role

  • Planned and conducted user research & testing.
  • Reviewed customer feedback.
  • Improved UX processes in the team.
  • Worked closely with developers, business analysts & product owners.
  • Design interactive prototypes.
  • Stakeholder presentations.

Further details of the work under NDA