Connected Car

connect car application


Connected Car is a mobile app used for checking the health of a vehicle, booking services and view trips. The app connects to a dongle in the user’s car and communicates back any potential issues. 

The challenge 

The main challege was the tight timescale to deliver a proof of concept. The development team had to build a mobile app in a short period of time. As UX designers we had to gather insights at pace.

My Role

We were a team of 2 UX designers and I worked from the initial insight gathering until the design of the final solution. Also collaborated with a product owner, a team of web developers and QA testers.

Idea gathering workshop

We organised an internal workshop with stakeholders to generate ideas. Some ideas that we gathered were:

  • Fuel efficiency indicators
  • Car health
  • Remote control of the entertainment system
  • Track and view history of trips
  • Gamification based on driver behaviour
Idea gathering workshop

We analysed the ideas with the Product Owner and then we had a clear list of the main features. 

A lot of ideas had to be included in a future version. The main goal was to design a Minimum Viable Product that could be used to demo to potential clients.

User flows

We categorised the features and after some collaborative sessions, we drafted the main user flows. Below is the final output:

User flows


There were some features important for the app such as car diagnostics and trips. We did some initial sketches and discussed different ideas.

For showing the different car diagnostics (battery, tyres, oil etc.) we thought it would be good to have an overview of the car and taping on different sections to get more details.

The trips was another section that we focused on. The idea was to have a map with the journey that the driver did. Scrolling up and down could see details about the driving behaviour (e.g. speed, acceleration, fuel consumption)

User Interface

Using Sketch we designed the high fidelity UI and created an interactive prototype on inVision.

Below there are some examples of the overall look and feel.

Onboarding journey
Service booking


Designing from scratch a proof of concept for a connected car app, was an interesting and exciting challenge. Due to technical limitations and the tight deadline we had to quickly produce different ideas and concepts.

The next step would be to bring the concept in front of potential users and test our hypothesis.